Dr. Sean Hyman
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Visual Field Analyzer
This instrument allows Dr. Hyman to assess peripheral vision loss. Conditions that cause peripheral vision loss include glaucoma, brain tumors and strokes. Early detection of these conditions can be potentially vision and or life saving to the patient. It can also detect eye damage caused by side effects from systemic medications.

Digital Fundus Camera
This camera is capable of photographing any conditions noted during your eye examination that occur in the back of the eye. Common conditions that require documentation include diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma. The software allows Dr. Hyman to take multiple photos to compare any changes that may occur over time.

Full Service Optical Department
Our Optical Department carries over 500 frames. We use lenses from top optical manufacturers like Varilux, Zeiss and Shamir. Eyeglasses are typically fabricated within 7-10 days of commencement of the order. Our experienced Optical Staff can perform most optical repairs and adjustments the same day in our office.